Welcome to the 'Expertisecentrum DAVID' (eDAVID)


Expertisecentrum DAVID (eDAVID) vzw

Expertisecentrum DAVID vzw is a centre of research and knowledge on digital archiving. The research domain of eDAVID concerns:

  • digital born documents, specifically those produced in business and government processes and requiring long term preservation
  • digitised documents, notably photographs, audio and video material present in archives, museums and libraries, etc.

To further its research, eDAVID proposes innovative initiatives aimed at:

  • the development of archival strategies for digital heritage,
  • the continuation of its role as incubator in the tradition of previous projects,
  • promoting the development of methods, techniques, procedures and tools to support and enable durable digital preservation,
  • implementing the recommendations of the UNESCO charter regarding the curation of digital heritage to prevent the loss of zodat geen informatie, art and heritage due to mismanagement,
  • fostering cooperation with partniers in Flanders/Belgium and in Europe, notably through participation in European projects and networks.