DAVID stands for 'Digitale archivering in/voor Vlaamse instellingen en diensten' (Digital archiving in Flemish institutions and administrations).

Expertisecentrum DAVID vzw (hereafter eDAVID) was founded by the promotors and researchers of the DAVID-project, which was funded by the Flemish government through the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders (Belgium) from 2000 to 2003.

The DAVID project dealt mainly with digital born records (e.g. websites, e-mail, databases, etc.) and achieved remarkable results, for which it has received national and international recognition.

Expertisecentrum DAVID vzw aims to:

  • provide access to research results, notably by posting reports on line and by maintaining an up to date website,
  • continue to function as an incubator for innovation,
  • maintain an approach characterised by
    • strong scientific foundations
    • focus on practice, through concrete guidelines, recommendations, best practices, check-lists and several tools.

Expertisecentrum DAVID vzw cooperates with several partners.