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an overview of project goals, deliverables and results, and a description of the target group.
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a coherent thematic overview of existing eDAVID documentation that forms the basis of the current Depot project.
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links to project partners and a selection of references to interesting related projects.
In this section of the website you can find publications and other documentation produced during the course of the project. This section will be updated regularly.
In the frame of the Digital Depot project a series of folders will be published. The folders advice on archiving digital cultural heritage. The first folder is now available and describes the necessity for archiving digital cultural heritage and the measures taken by eDAVID. The next folders in the series will focus specifically on archiving e-mail and websites.
For a pdf-version click here (Dutch only).
eDAVID archival research
- "Basic processes of a repository", (Dutch only) describes the processes of a digital depot including:
  • Ingesting digital archival records
  • Managing digital archival records and associated metadata
  • Providing access to digital archival records and associated metadata
This research is compatible with the Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS), an ISO standard originally developed by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) that identifies the processes required for long-term preservation and access within a digital archival repository. Some prior knowledge of XML and OAIS is required.

eDAVID archival research - drafts
- "Digital containers for shipment into the future": Following on from the digital preservation strategy recommended by the DAVID project, this paper describes the subsequent need for an appropriate digital storage method, as well as the solution: a combination of the application of the OAIS-information model and the encapsulation of all components of an electronic record in one container file or Archival Information Package (AIP).

- The storage solution described in “Digital containers for shipment into the future" uses XML container files. eDAVID has developed several XML schemas to implement this storage solution for the Antwerp City Archives. These XML schemas define the formal model for the XML documents. There is an XML schema for:
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