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25/09/2009: Blueprint Digital Depot.
The Digital Depot project assembled a blueprint Digital Depot (currently available in Dutch only). The elements of this blueprint help you finding your way during the development of a digital depot

See bouwplan Digitaal Depot
25/09/2009: New publications.
New publications were released within the context of digital depot (in Dutch only):

27/08/2009: eDAVID newsletter no. 10
Contents eDAVID newsletter no. 10:
  • Conference: Informatie aan Zee
  • Courses 2009/2010
29/07/2009: ICRI-study copyright.
ICRI (Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT) recently published a study entitled “Auteursrecht in de digitale samenleving” (Copyright in the digital society). The study was conducted on behalf of the Flemish Community (departement culture, youth, sports and media).

The study presents recent social tendences, positions of cultural actors and recent initiatives on copyright policy in the information society.

You can download the study (in Dutch) via:
07/05/2009: DPE animation launched.
DPE (Digital Preservation Europe) made an animation that presents the issue of digital preservation in a funny way.

You can watch the film on YouTube:

A couple of years ago Gemeentearchief Rotterdam (Municipal Archives) published a short informative film on the challenges of preserving digital information.

You can watch this film on the website of Gemeentearchief Rotterdam.
30/04/2009: PLANETS training event: Digital Preservation – The Planets Way
This June PLANETS (Preservation and Long-term Access through NETworked Services) organizes a training event in Copenhagen. The event will consider the challenges of digital preservation and how the PLANETS tools and framework can assist national institutions with digital preservation.

Date: 22-24 June 2009
Venue: Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark
More information and registration: http://www.planets-project.eu/events/copenhagen-2009/
09/04/2009: eDAVID newsletter no. 9
Contents eDAVID newsletter no. 9:
  • Manual: Wie klasseert, die vindt
  • Expertmeeting Archive 2020
20/02/2009: Articles Digital Preservation Europe.
DPE (Digital Preservation Europe) regularly publishes short articles on the key issues of digital preservation.
Recently, DPE published among others the article"Considerations for the Preservation of Blogs". The authors introduce the most important characteristics of blogs and bring up considerations having impact on the preservation of a blog.

You can read this article and other interesting contributions on www.digitalpreservationeurope.eu/publications/briefs.
20/12/2008: Seminar Digital Depot.
Archiefschool (Institute for Archival Education and Research in the Netherlands) organizes a seminar Digital Depot in the beginning of 2009.
Participants of this seminar become familiar with keeping digital documents accessible on the long term and learn how to introduce a digital repository within their own organistaion (seminar language is Dutch).

When: february 26, march 12, march 26, april 9 en april 23 2009
More information: www.archiefschool.nl/cursussen/digdepot.htm
17/12/2008: ABC-DE: Dictionary digital heritage.
DEN (Digital Heritage Netherlands) published a dictionary with terminology for digital heritage (in Dutch only). The booklet explains terms such as basisdigitalisering, Creative Commons of Dublin Core. It is therefore a useful reference voor heritage institutions involved in digitization and digital heritage.

You can order the booklet (subject to postage) via den@den.nl.
You can also consult the dictionary ABC-DE online and give comments on the website of DEN.
23/10/2008: Presentations conference Digital Depot online.
Many participants attended the conference Digital Depot on October 15.
The presentations are available online at http://www.edavid.be/studiedag.php.
05/09/2008: eDAVID newsletter no. 7
Contents eDAVID newsletter no. 7:
  • Reminder conference Digital Depot
  • Digital archiving: Do it yourself
  • Lecture iPRES2008
  • New courses
05/09/200: "Zelf aan de slag" renewed.
In order to make the section zelf aan de slag (do it yourself) more user-friendly we set up a separate page for each topic. That way you can easily find introductory articles, reports, summaries, tools en templates. We include both publications of the Digital Depot project and publications from earlier relevant research. Currently this concerns the Dutch version only. The English version do it yourself will be updated soon.
14/08/2008: Conference Digital Depot.
On October 15 the conference Digital Depot will be held at FelixArchief in Antwerp.

The conference is directed to a broad audience of librarians, curators, archivists en IT-administrators. This conference is particularly interesting for institutions who want to establish a digital repository in order to preserve their digital documents en records.

The presentations will be given in Dutch.

More information: http://www.edavid.be/studiedag.php
30/06/2008: eDAVID newsletter no. 6
Contents eDAVID newsletter no. 6:
  • Results Digital Depot project
  • Conference digital depot
  • European project LiWA - Living Web Archives
  • Web Archiving Training Session
20/06/2008: results test cases Digital Depot published.
The second project period (2007-2008) of the Digital Depot project will be ending soon.

We observed the challenges of website archiving by means of specific test cases from the cultural field. eDAVID introduces the individual test cases and publishes the most important results on this website (Dutch only).
17/06/2008: IIPC initiates new mailing list for web curators.
The International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) initiated a new mailing list for web curators and everybody interested in issues concerning web harvesting. The focus will be among others on tools for web harvesting, using web archives and accessing harvested material.

More information is available on the website of the International Internet Preservation Consortium.
20/05/2008: Survey of tools for web archiving.
eDAVID added a survey of tools for web archiving to this website. The survey comprises a short description of the tools and links to the associated documentation (Dutch only).
30/04/2008: Presentation ODF-workshop 19/05/2008.
eDAVID will hold a presenation on the ODF-workshop of V-ICT-OR. The contribution will introduce the difficulty of archiving digital office documents. The emphasis is placed on the importance of standards and ODF (Open Document Format) as an appropriate format for archiving (Dutch only).

Date: 19/05/2008
Location: Kasteel Schoten

More information on the website of V-ICT-OR.
11/12/2007: eDAVID newsletter no. 5
Contents eDAVID newsletter no. 5:
  • Lecture conference "Appraisal in the Digital World"
  • InterPARES 3
  • Testcases Digitaal Depot
  • Study "Blogger Perceptions on Digital Preservation"
  • Digital Preservation Exchange Programme (DPEX)
07/09/2007: eDAVID newsletter no. 4
Contents eDAVID newsletter no. 4:
  • General news
  • 3rd eDAVID folder: "websites archiveren in 4 stappen"
  • Reports legal frame
  • Sample agreements
  • New version legal publication on digital archiving
  • New law "vertrouwensdiensten"
24/05/2007: New legal publications available.
The result of the first research period concerning the legal frame of archiving digital documents can be found in a number of interesting legal publications (Dutch only).
24/05/2007: 3rd folder "websites archiveren in 4 stappen" available.
The 3rd eDAVID folder describes within 4 steps the archiving of websites in a safe, sustainable and legal way. Click here for a pdf-version of the folder (Dutch only).
05/01/2007: eDAVID newsletter no. 3
  • 2nd eDAVID folder available: "e-mail archiveren in 4 stappen"
  • Extension legal depot
  • Electronic proceedings
  • Online tutorial: preserving digital documents
29/09/2006: First folder "Bewaren van Digitaal Cultureel Erfgoed in een Digitaal Depot" online.
In the frame of the Digital Depot project a series of folders will be published. The folders advice on archiving digital cultural heritage. The first folder is now available and describes the necessity for archiving digital cultural heritage and the measures taken by eDAVID. The next folders in the series will focus specifically on archiving e-mail and websites.
For a pdf-version click here (Dutch only).
29/09/2006: New publication available
An important aspect of the eDAVID project "Digital Depot" is the prototype of a digital depot. The new eDAVID publication "Basisprocessen voor een digitaal archiefdepot" (Dutch only) describes the processes of a digital depot including:
- Ingesting digital archival records
- Managing digital archival records and associated metadata
- Providing access to digital archival records and associated metadata
29/09/2006: eDAVID newsletter no. 2
eDAVID newsletter no. 2 focusses on:
- a new publication "Basisprocessen voor een digitaal archiefdepot."
- a series of folders about archiving digital cultural heritage
- a new UNESCO publication with concerns about the usage of cd's for long term storage
- the eDAVID courses in digital archiving and digitisation
15/06/06: website Digital Depot launched!
The project website will be an important medium for the communication of research results. In addition to a description of the origin and goals of the project and a selection of links to related projects, there is a 'do-it-yourself section that contains a coherent and thematic overview of existing documentation. New publications and documentation produced by the Digital Depot project will be posted in the 'publications' section.
01/05/06: Digital Depot project out of the starting blocks!
Digital Depot project out of the starting blocks! On May 1st 2005, the Digital Depot project by the DAVID expertise centre was officially begun.

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