Welcome on the DAVID-website, the website of the first research project in Flanders about digital durability in a governmental environment. DAVID, Digital Archiving in Flemish Institutions and Administrations, is a project of the Foundation for Scientific Research within the scope of the Max Wildiers Foundation and is a cooperation between Antwerp City Archives and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and Informatics of the K.U.Leuven. The goal of this project was to create a manual on electronic archiving. This project, wich lasted for 4 years, ended in December 2003.

THIS WEBSITE IS AN ARCHIVAL VERSION. IT SERVES AS PROJECT DOCUMENTATION BUT IS NOT UPDATED ANY LONGER. An overview of all the DAVID-reports, articles, presentations, newsletters and DAVID-cases will stay available. Recent information on digital archiving is available at Expertisecentrum DAVID npo.

Last update: August, 16th 2005

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